Bitumen Price - Iran Stock Exchange Market

Bitumen Price - Iran Stock Exchange Market

Price Validity : According To The Exchange Regulation

The Bitumen Prices in Iran, Like All Other Commodities: Gold, Silver, Sugar, Base Oil Etc, Are Considered in Stock Exchange (Iran Mercantile Exchange Market)

Trade Day : Tuesday

Isfahan Bitumen Contracts

Isfahan Bitumen Contracts

Contracts Validity

Spot Contracts : 4-5 Days

Open-Price Contracts : 30-45 Days

Start and Cancellation of Contracts :

To Start Contracts The Deposit Amount Must Be Filled Up During The Contract Validity Period, Otherwise Isfahan Bitumen Production Co. May Treat The Contract as Cancelled in Respect of Any Changes in Prices.

Isfahan Bitumen Production Group Co.

Iran Bitumen Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Sellers, Producers